Terms of Sales and Delivery

1.    Validity.
The following terms of sale and delivery shall apply between Globaltags Group (Globaltags A/S and Globaltags Asia), and the customer, unless otherwise is agreed in writing.

2.    Prices
All prices are quoted in US$, unless other is stated in writing. Prices are exclusive VAT.
The customer is bound to accept changes of the price before delivery, if they are caused by documented increased cost for Globaltags Group, i.e. by changes in rate of currency, duties, taxes etc. concerning the delivery of orders.
All orders below 250 US$ (200 Euro) will be charged a handling fee of 15 US$ (12 Euro)

All prices given without specified final date, is valid in 30 days, after which they shall be considered to have lapsed.

3.    Payment
Payment has to be executed in accordance with the terms of payment agreed.
In case of delayed payment, Globaltags Group has the right to charge an interest of 5%

4.    Title
The goods shall remain the property of Globaltags Group pending full payment, so far as such reservation of title is valid under current law.

5.    Delivery
Delivery is Ex Works from Globaltags Groups ware-house, if not otherwise agreed in writing.
Part shipments are allowed in reasonable extent. In respect of production orders a deviation of +/- 10% of the quantities confirmed by Globaltags Group is allowed.
In case of delay of delivery caused by force majeure as described in § 9 the time of delivery will be extended with the time of the hindrance.
Should the hindrance last for more than 3 months, both parties are free to cancel the agreement.

6.    Complaint of fault and defects.
The customer has to inspect the goods carefully as required by good business practice, immediately after their receipt.
Complaints have to be made within 10 days after receiving the delivery.
Change of a manufacture of delivered goods exempts Globaltags Group of any liability.
Dyed products are not color fast.
All test of color fastness and shrinkage etc. must be done by the customer.

7.    Limitation of liability
The Liability to pay compensation can in no case exceed the invoice value of the sold products.
Globaltags Group cannot be held liable for loss of profits or other indirect losses caused by the agreement including losses caused by delays as well as faults and defects of the sold products.
Globaltags Group cannot be held liable if the fulfilment of the agreement is prevented, or if the fulfillment will be unreasonable troublesome, caused by one or several of following circumstances:
Labour conflict and any other circumstance not controlled by any of the parties preventing the fulfillment, like fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calling up, requisition, commandeer, exchanger, rebellion an disturbances, lack of transport facilities, shortage of goods, restriction of motive power as well as defects by or delays of suppliers from sub-suppliers, caused by any of the circumstances mentioned above. Circumstances as mentioned occurred before issue of quotation or confirmations of the agreement, will only prevent from liability, as far as it was not possible to foresee this at the time their influence for fulfillment of the agreement.
Globaltags Group is obliged to inform the customer about occurred circumstances as above.

8.    Return of goods
Return of goods can only be possible with a written accept from Globaltags Group, and shall always be at the customers expenses and risk.

9.    Assignability
Globaltags Group is entitled to assign all rights and duties according to the agreement to third party.

10.    Disputes
Any disagreement that cannot be settled between the parties shall be settled by the City Court of Herning (Byretten I Herning) in accordance with Danish law. The agreement shall be governed be Danish law with the exception of the rules under international private law in force at any given time. Globaltags Group may at its own discretion decide to recover the debt at the customer’s venue in accordance with the application in the relevant country.